Our Director since August 2015 is Linda Corcoran who comes to us with a wealth of
experience, boundless energy and a deep and genuine passion for close harmony. She brings
that passion to everything she does and has the enviable knack of making others feel the same
as she does about great music and inspiring performance.
Linda's early musical background lies in piano and the world of Lancashire Brass Bands playing
Flugel Horn.
Discovering the sound of Barbershop harmony when she was just 15 was lifechanging
and has led to Linda winning many national and international barbershop awards in
quartet and chorus both as a singer and director.
Since 2000, Linda has been the front line director of the current British Champion
Chorus ‘The Great Western Chorus of Bristol’.
‘The GWC’ is the most successful Men’s barbershop chorus in UK history having won the
British Championships a record 10 times. Linda led the chorus to the last 4 of those Gold
Medals along, with two appearances in the World Championships in the USA. She is looking
forward to being back on the International Convention stage directing The GWC when
they represent the UK in Orlando in July 2018.
Linda works full time as a vocal coach and choir leader running 'Go Vocal', two community rock
and pop choirs in Bristol and Cheltenham, bringing fun and harmony to everyday lives. She is in
great demand as an arranger and coach in the UK and abroad and is on the teaching faculty of
British Association of Barbershop Singers Harmony College as well as a member of the Music
Services team for the Irish Association of Barbershop Singers.